FORHANDLING.NET seminars and training

How can you become a better negotiator? What steps can you take towards better return on your negotiations with business partners, clients, superiors, investors, customers, or employees?

In situations where your skills as a negotiator may make the difference between success or failure for you and your organization, how can you:

  • improve the influence on your counterpart,
  • make better deals by creating better opportunities,
  • leave the table with better results?

FORHANDLING.NET has developed a powerful, practical, and efficient approach to improve your negotiating skills.

We call it “mutual gains negotiation”, “interest-based negotiation”, or “win-win negotiation”.

Through the framework that “mutual gains negotiation” set, we combine the successful field experiences from experienced negotiators validated through theory. We will give you the tools to:

  • prepare your negotiations more efficiently
  • focus on negotiation issues and themes rather than on your counterpart as individuals
  • avoid typical lose–win situations and create win-win solutions
  • react better to counterparts who do not play by the rules

All negotiation seminars and training sessions at FORHANDLING.NET are designed to fit your needs. We have experience within a vast area of negotiations among others, contract negotiations, labour negotiations, fundraising, and business negotiations.

Our seminars always give you extra tools to handle your own negotiations.

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